Sengaja Atau Tidak?

Lokasi: Mirc
Channel : ****
Masa: Malamlah uols…
And the converations are:

Jeng.. jeng.. jeng..

Boy: hi
Girl: hi
Boy: asl pls
Girl: 23/f/mly/kl n u?
Boy: Me 25 mly kl. Got pic?
Girl: Sure. Trade?
Boy: Mine******** n u?
Girl: Wait..
Boy: wow! i’m amzed. so sexy!
Girl: 🙂 u also cute
Boy: so got chance la?
Girl: Chance for what?
Boy: nevermind.
Boy: so what place you go for hang out?
Girl: Depends.. im not an outing person…
Boy: oic
Boy: Im going out this weekend. Bowling! wanna join?
Girl: Oooh… i love blowing!
Boy: Blowing!!!!?????
Boy: [tersenyum kambing sampai ke telinga]
Boy: Im getting hard here bebeh…

Hahaha… how come? Siapa punya conversation ittew? Rahsia la…. manaleh bagi tahu! *winks* Yang penting dah kompiuss blowing ngan bowling. Hihiks.. Sengaja atau tidak? Uols rasa camner? Daa..


~ by adriananatasya on August 28, 2008.

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